Case Study

Department of Education & Training

First Pass Business Case for a $65m Transformation Program

Our Role

MXA developed a business case for the $65m Vet Student Loans (VSL) program and chaperoned it through the Department of Finance and DTA processes for approval of the first pass business case.

Our Approach

MXA’s work included a solution architecture that will better use analytics to reduce fraud, and to implement a complex set of new processes introduced through legislation, to reduce the billions of dollars of fraud in the previous program.

We completed a full draft of the first pass business case within two weeks of the engagement commencing, due to the compressed timeframes required to meet budget processes. We then supported the department in refining the business case through the approval process.

Outcomes & Benefits

MXA worked with the the department as a long-term strategic partner on the transformation journey. Through the first pass business case process, we provided value, capability and quality, listening carefully, to understand challenges and deliver essential support to the department’s digital transformation journey.

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