Our Expertise

We are focused on your outcomes. Our approach uses proven methodology to set actionable, practical plans that lead to success.


A well-defined strategy guides everything an organisation does and aims to achieve, creating a shared understanding across the organisation.

MXA works with organisations to provide clarity and common purpose through goal definition, strategic planning and business model development.


Delivering change is hard. MXA helps organisations to succeed at large-scale change by driving a constant focus on outcomes. We work with everyone involved or impacted by the change to align values and deliver tangible benefits.

Technology & Architecture

Technology plays a critical role in every large organisation. MXA helps organisations to connect their technology to their mission and strategy, from re-imagining the future of a tech-enabled business to improving the operational effectiveness of the technology functions


We specialise in delivering compelling business cases, designing programs and projects with benefits up-front, sourcing and engaging delivery partners and benefit realisation mapping.

We know that sometimes projects don’t go to plan, and we can provide rapid support to review, identify a path forward, and set the project back on track.

Human-Centred Service Design

Human-centred design is an alternative to the more traditional approach of product and service design and development. It uses the experiences and feedback from the users of a product to design a solution best tailored to them.

We have developed frameworks based on experience and industry best practice. We also provide training in these frameworks. Our Human-Centred Design Framework is great for refining policy, processes or IT solutions, based on the perspectives and priorities of users. Our Design Thinking Framework provides structure to encourage the creation of great ideas and achieve great solutions to real-world problems. At the core of both of these frameworks is the need to empathise and to bring an open mind to problem solving.

Business Case

A well-designed business case sets an organisation up for future success, allowing them to achieve their strategic goals.

MXA has deep expertise in developing all aspects of a successful business case. We’re very familiar with government processes for business case development and approval, such as the two-pass process used by the Commonwealth Government, as well as the processes used by state governments and private sector organisations.

Our clients trust us to develop business cases for projects with funding approved from $100 million down to $100 thousand.

For large and complex business cases, we bring a multi-disciplinary team that draws on our other methodologies and experience, such as:

  • User Research, Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking
  • Benefits Profiling and Benefits-Based Planning
  • Business Architecture
  • Strategic Architecture and Enterprise Architecture
  • IT and Digital Strategy
  • Strategic Options Comparison
  • Systems Modernisation
  • Options Comparison and Investment Prioritisation
  • Program Planning
Program Design & Planning

Proper program design and planning allows an organisation to set itself up for success from the beginning.

We have significant expertise and experience in managing and planning projects and programs of all sizes. Our approach to program planning is based around the MSP framework, and we place particular emphasis on benefits-based planning, and using benefits to drive governance and decision-making.

This has seen many programs planned by MXA delivered on time and budget, realising tangible benefits.

Benefits Planning & Realisation

Benefits should be built into the up-front planning for any major program of work.

Our team has experience identifying and profiling benefits, defining owners and measures, and mitigating risks to realisation.

We work closely with senior executives to embed ongoing governance and management based on benefits, rather than just the typical measures of time, cost and scope. We help our clients understand the relationship between benefits, project outputs, and strategic organisational capability building work.

Investment Prioritisation

Effectively prioritising investments in the short and long term is critical to achieving an organisation’s strategic goals.

Our frameworks for investment prioritisation have helped our clients spend their capital and operating budgets in the best possible way.

We tailor our methods to suit each situation, often using a multi-step prioritisation process, such as ranking investment options by ‘attractiveness ‘and ‘achievability’. This results in well-informed decisions and well-spent money.

Sourcing & Procurement

Selecting the right transformation partners is critical to a successful program.

We help our clients to design an appropriate procurement process, develop clear requirements that will solicit the right responses, and evaluate and select transformation partners. This results in the right partners being selected, with a positive relationship from day one, greatly increasing the program’s chance of success.

Cost Reduction

Reducing costs can be a complex exercise as a short-term gain may lead to longer-term expenses without proper planning.

We help clients to identify opportunities for cost reduction, for example through:

  • automation
  • outsourcing/insourcing
  • redesigning overly complex processes
Fee Structure & Pricing Structure

Selecting the right pricing strategy can have a significant impact on the success or failure of a product.

Using our industry knowledge and expertise, in conjunction with market research and competition analysis, we help clients define a pricing strategy or fee structure that will be sustainable and successful in the given market.

Program Review & Recovery

All programs are at risk of going off track – without effective recovery strategies, a small problem can quickly become a large one.

We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan. We have an expert team experienced in reviewing troubled programs and projects of all sizes, and helping to get them back on track. The right governance, appropriate team structures and a ruthless focus on the outcomes being achieved, sets a program up for success.

We bring together all of the key stakeholders to ensure decisions on changing approach, scope or benefits are well considered, with buy-in from all sides, creating ongoing alignment and smooth delivery.

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