Our Expertise

We are focused on your outcomes. Our approach uses proven methodology to set actionable, practical plans that lead to success.


A well-defined strategy guides everything an organisation does and aims to achieve, creating a shared understanding across the organisation.

MXA works with organisations to provide clarity and common purpose through goal definition, strategic planning and business model development.


Delivering change is hard. MXA helps organisations to succeed at large-scale change by driving a constant focus on outcomes. We work with everyone involved or impacted by the change to align values and deliver tangible benefits.

Technology & Architecture

Technology plays a critical role in every large organisation. MXA helps organisations to connect their technology to their mission and strategy, from re-imagining the future of a tech-enabled business to improving the operational effectiveness of the technology functions

Technology & Architecture

We specialise in technology strategies, technology operating models, and enterprise and solution architectures, setting the right direction for the technology based on the organisation’s outcomes.

Technology & Digital Strategy

An IT or Digital Strategy formulates the ideas and principles of an organisation’s technology systems and helps define decisions about how to accomplish an established strategic direction.

We have a number of proven approaches to developing an IT or Digital Strategy for organisations of all sizes, and we choose the right approach for each situation. Whether it’s an IT Strategy to guide the activities of a large organisation, or a specific strategy for a particular legacy business system, we’re proud of the way we’ve been able to help many clients in this space.

Depending on your situation, we might suggest starting with some discussions with stakeholders, or other user research methods, to understand what your clients think and feel about your services. We then work with you to find the best strategies to get you to where you want to be. Our creative team helps us present the results in a way that is right for your audience.

Technology Operating Model

Technology operating models bring together all the technological elements of an organisation, including systems, infrastructure, service levels, roles, capabilities and services to deliver on the organisation’s technology strategy.

MXA’s unique blend of strategy and technological experience places us perfectly to develop effective and realistic operating models that deliver real results.

MXA’s Human-Centred Design Framework allows us to determine operating processes and procedures in organisations of all sizes, allowing us to tailor our approach for each situation. We are confident in our ability to deliver effective operating frameworks that allow our clients to best understand the options available to them and to discover a path forward to ensure future success.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture provides a wholistic view of technology across both business and IT, allowing CIOs and business executives to answer key questions, solve problems, and manage their complex business environments and systems.

At MXA we use a ‘questions based’ approach to enterprise architecture to help you understand, manage and improve your portfolio of business systems, data and technology assets. Our clients enjoy our useful illustrations that make it easy for them to understand the complexity of their environments, as well as the innovative 3D models and animations that we use to make it easier to understand complex systems and relationships.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture applies a mix of business and technology methodologies to provide options for an organisation to address opportunities across its technology operating environments.

We tailor our methodology for solution architecture to problems of all sizes and types. It’s based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) which is a highly adaptable methodology that has been proven for decades.

Our highly experienced and effective team has the knowledge and skills to tailor our methodology effectively. We enjoy working with technologists and specialists from various technical areas to put together solutions that maximize results. We’re proud of our ability to communicate clearly and we enjoy using some interesting techniques such as 3D modeling to help visualise solution architecture concepts.

Data Strategy

Data strategies help define and articulate the methods available to an organisation to leverage the most important resource available to them.

A good data strategy allows IT Managers and CIOs to best apply their biggest resource to conduct clear, concise quantitative analysis and inform key decision-making. MXA applies its Design Thinking Framework to inform organisations on their current state and the opportunities available to them. We are proud to say that our strategies allow our clients to transform the way they use data to set themselves up for success.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management refers to the practices, policies and technology that are performed by an organisation to align IT services with the needs of business.

There is no substitute for substantial real-world experience when it comes to making good judgments about how to best manage IT Services.

CIOs and IT Managers chose us to help them improve the way they manage their IT Services. Our team includes highly experienced IT executives and IT practitioners. We can tailor the ITIL Framework or other ITSM models based on your needs and organisational maturity. We have also developed our own framework based on ADKAR that has helped some of our clients to manage engagement with their clients. We use practical visualisations and innovative tools to help our clients get everyone quickly on the same page.

Human-Centred Service Design

Human-centred design is an alternative to the more traditional approach of product and service design and development. It uses the experiences and feedback from the users of a product to design a solution best tailored to them.

We have developed frameworks based on experience and industry best practice. We also provide training in these frameworks. Our Human-Centred Design Framework is great for refining policy, processes or IT solutions, based on the perspectives and priorities of users. Our Design Thinking Framework provides structure to encourage the creation of great ideas and achieve great solutions to real-world problems. At the core of both of these frameworks is the need to empathise and to bring an open mind to problem solving.

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