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Whole-of-Government Hosting Strategy

Case Study: Digital Transformation Agency

Assisted the DTA in developing a Whole-of-Government Hosting Strategy for Federal Government

What we did

Understanding the requirements for the Hosting Strategy required extensive stakeholder engagement across both government and industry. MXA held workshops with more than thirty agencies and over twenty industry groups. Using our Design Thinking approach, MXA was able to explore subtle challenges faced by each group and incorporate relevant recommendations into the strategy.

MXA tested ideas and prototyped solutions through cross-agency collaborative workshops and an Industry Innovation Day with over seventy industry representatives in attendance. The feedback from the Industry Innovation Day was very positive.

The result

MXA has collected insights from this assignment in a Strategy Blueprint which details the project journey, the stakeholder engagement, key findings and high-level descriptions of the Strategy and the Strategy Roadmap.

The Strategy, while still in development, has already delivered significant insights for the DTA. Key among these is an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with hosting arrangements.

MXA will continue to work closely with the DTA and key stakeholders in the development of the Whole of Government Hosting Strategy. This close engagement will ensure the final product is both effective and implementable.

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