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Combined IT Strategy for the Employment, Technology and Services Groups

Case Study: Department of Jobs & Small Business

MXA partnered with the Department to undertake discovery and prototyping activities to inform the development of their combined 2018-2022 IT Strategy, Implementation Plan, Future State Architecture and Communication Tools.

What we did

To determine the current state and direction for the IT Strategy, MXA focused on several key areas: user research, portfolio review, capability review and future state.

MXA conducted comprehensive user research, interviewing over a hundred individuals from identified key stakeholders across a number of workshops. This included members of the department, client and partner agencies, and multiple service providers.

From this research, MXA developed twenty-four personas to capture the broad range of stakeholders affected by the strategy.

MXA developed The IT Strategy, Implementation Plan and Communication Package around four core themes: Partnerships, People, Delivery and Technology.

MXA also reviewed the current portfolio of applications and enterprise architecture as well as met with key stakeholders to provide recommendations and design a future state architecture for the Department’s IT systems.

The result

MXA delivered a combined IT Strategy for ESG and TSG along with a supporting Implementation Plan and Road map to define the future of the department for 2018-2022 and beyond. We also provided communication tools including a short animated video and strategy on a page describing the broad goals and direction of the Strategy.

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