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Development of a Cyber Security Framework

Case Study: Department of Home Affairs

Developing a Risk-Based Cyber Security Framework for the Department of Home Affairs to better detect, deter and respond to emerging cyber security issues.

What we did

MXA worked with key Home Affairs stakeholders to understand the current state, the background and the expectations of the new framework.

Using this research, MXA drafted the new framework detailing key areas for the Department to focus on including: Primary Assets of Interest; Threat context; Risk-based security certification, understand of the accreditation process, ongoing monitoring; Identity and Access Management controls; Information Assurance; management of incidents; uplift of necessary skills; and Network.

This new framework was tested, iterated and endorsed through ongoing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

The result

MXA delivered a comprehensive Cyber Security Framework that detailed key capabilities required by the Department, a Roadmap to greater maturity, and an improved understanding of cyber threats. This will allow Home Affairs to position their Cyber Security capability to govern and respond to changing business needs as well as be an exemplar in government as a lead agency for cyber security.

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